All about brushing your fat away

If you want sexy and thin thighs, an important step is to Brush your legs almost daily in the beginning, and then at least 2 times a week.

Why brushing works against cellulite and thigh fat

brushing for cellulite reductionThis is arguably the laziest step of this simple formula to lose 2 inches every month. Get a massage brush and brush your legs full length, including your thighs and butt. Brushing your thighs breaks down the fat that is stored close to the skin reducing cellulite and increasing blood circulation.

If you want to lose 2 inches every month, then you must make brushing your legs a daily ritual. You can get a cellulite brush from amazon or your local cosmetic shop.

The diet you must follow to get thin thighs

salad and protein for losing thigh fatThe next thing you can do if you want thin thighs, is to Eat healthy! This is the part frowned at most. Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil for anyone who wants to follow this simple lose thigh fat fast formula to lose 2 inches every month.

Calories are the source of all our fat problems and luckily, their solution too. Cutting back on your calories intake can do magic to your thighs, I know this first hand. Make sure you stick to a diet that allows a maximum of 1,300 calorie per day.

It does not mean that you should starve yourself, checking the amount of calories contained in your food to ensure that you make the most of the calories allowed could help you achieve you low calorie intake goal without skipping meals.For instance you can switch whole milk for low fat skimmed milk, regular meat for extra lean meat, and so on.

Other than reducing your daily calorie intake, you will also need to reduce the amount of carbs and fat you eat. To do this, always apply the 45: 35: 20 rule. This means that 45% of all your meals should be protein, 35% should be carbs and only 20% should be fats. By maintaining your calorie intake below 1300 per day and sticking to the 45: 35: 20 rule, you will be well on your way to the thighs of your dreams.

Losing thigh fat fast is 50% what you do and 50% how you do it. Persistence is the key to achieving your goal of leaner thighs. Mastering the above techniques will take time and practice but in the long run your persistence will surely pay.

A proven formula for losing thigh fat in 7 days

Inside this post you will learn a proven formula for losing weight, especially on your lower body.

How to lose weight on your thighs and butt

easy way to lose thigh fat in a weekThe very first stage in preparation involves taking your thigh’s measurements, and recording them. This gives you a clear picture of where you are, which makes it easier for you to set your goals and objectives.

Now that you have your exact thigh measurements, the next stage in preparation process is setting reasonable goals and noting them down. Having a clear and precise goal that you wish to achieve makes achieving it easier. Having a clear goal will also help you evaluate your progress.

The last preparation stage involves committing to the process. Losing your thigh fat fast may sound easy but it has its own challenges that you will have to overcome along the way. Doing so requires a high level of commitment, higher than you may imagine.

Keeping a planner is a great place to start showing your commitment as it promotes accountability. It is advisable that you design your planner in the form of an activity checklist or a food journal, depending on your weak points. If you are poor at exercising but easily stick to a healthy diet, then an activity checklist will be more useful than a food journal.

Keeping record will not only make it easy for you to keep track of your progress but also help you in identifying the exercises and foods that help you lose more thigh fat. Now you are ready to lose weight!

In the next post you will learn about brushing to increase blood flow on your thighs.

How To Lose Thigh Fat Fast

Here you will learn a few tricks to lose thigh fat fast and look sexier.

Another year, another summer! If you find yourself foregoing a chance to wear that perfect short that had been lying nicely folded in your closet for years because you are too conscious that your thighs look too big in them, this one is for you.

Although weight loss miracles are a sham, there are a few tricks that you can apply to lose thigh fat as fast as losing 2 inches every month or less.

A Simple Formula To Lose 2 Inches Every Month.

how to lose thigh fatThe first step if you want to lose thigh fat is to Get ready to lose weight. Just like every other undertaking, losing thigh fat fast requires you to be mentally and physically prepared.

To do this, meditate, relax for 2-3 days and take the decision that you will do it no matter what!

On the next post I will share a proven way to lose weight on thighs, even get rid of your cellulite.